Ciarán Ainsworth

I’m a passionate programmer and technologist with a knack for writing clear, user-friendly technical documentation. I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to try new things, learn new languages, and travel as much as possible



MA, English Literature; The University of Exeter

Thesis title: "“The Way it Used to Be”: Mono No Aware and the Tanuki in Isao Takahata’s Pom Poko"


BA, Film and Television Studies; Prifysgol Aberystywth

Dissertation title: "“It’s Not of This World”: An Analysis of How the Onryō Inflitrated the Western Horror Market"


Semester Abroad; Hong Kong Baptist University

Minored in Computer Science (C), Japanese, and Cantonese

Work Experience


Project Maintainer and Steering Committee Member: Funkwhale Association

Key Responsibilities:


Technical Accounts Manager: Oneserve

Key Responsibilities:


Technical Support Analyst: Oneserve

Key Responsibilities:


Applications Manager: Exeter College

Key Responsibilities:


Helpdesk Technician: Exeter College

Key Responsibilities:

Technical Experience

Programming Languages
Python: I am fairly proficient in Python and have used it to make both TUI and GUI programmes using the GTK framework. I have made contributions to some python-based projects including Funkwhale and a few pip libraries

Vue.JS: As part of my work with the Funkwhale project I have done a lot of work with Vue as it is the framework with which we build our web frontend

CSS/HTML: I have been building websites for many years and have a good grasp of both CSS and HTML. I have used both in my personal and professional projects such as my personal website, the Funkwhale project, and the web design work undertaken at Oneserve

Vanilla JS and jQuery: I have fallen back on both Vanilla JS and jQuery in projects where there have been gaps in the framework or I have had to implement features outside of the scope of the platform (e.g. Zendesk)

Microsoft SQL/PostgreSQL: At Oneserve I primarily work in MSSQL, creating stored procedures, triggers, and scripts to automate tasks and augment application features for clients. For my personal projects, I tend to use PostgreSQL

PowerShell: During my time as an SCCM administrator, I made use of PowerShell on a daily basis to automate complex tasks and find creative solutions to problems posed by our early adoption of Windows 10 across the college. I curated scripts for SCCM/Intune management and handling Sophos antivirus in a Windows environment which I shared with other SCCM administrators

POSIX Shell: I make heavy use of BASH in both my professional and personal life. As a server administrator I operate mostly in BASH and BASH scripts, and have made use of several of these scripts to automate my personal computers in the same way as my servers

Basic knowledge of C, Guile Scheme, Java, Rust, Common Lisp

Open Source

As a big supporter of Free and Open Source software, I try to help out with FOSS projects wherever I can.

I am a project maintainer, contributing developer, translator, steering committee member, and lead documentation writer for Funkwhale. In this capacity I have contributed new features and bugfixes, and have also led a project to completely overhaul user documentation

I am the package maintainer for the Funkwhale Yunohost package
I contribute translations to Japanese, English, and Dutch for various projects on GitHub
I am the primary en-gb localiser for the elementaryOS project

Side Projects

My passion for technology has led me to undertake many projects independently in order to keep learning and evolving as new technologies emerge.

I also host a Tanuki Tunes, one of the most popular Funkwhale servers (over 300 active users)
My website is built using Common Lisp and an automated git-based deployment system
I make use of open source tools to recover data for people who have experienced data loss or corruption

Additional Skills

Human Languages:


Additional Achievements

• +44 07543507494 • DoB 25/02/1994
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